VOLUME 1 ISSUE TWO                                    OCTOBER 2011





IMPORTANT NOTICE: DEMONSTRATION UPDATE – Mike and Patti Weber regret that for personal reasons they will not be able to present the demonstrations scheduled for painting with acrylics. If you would like to improve your painting skills they recommend considering the class being offered by Suzanne Mikulka. New demonstration – A replacement demonstration on POWER TOOLS will be offered by John Franz. The demonstration will include an explanation of the various types of power tools. The accessories available and how to use them to make your carving faster and easier. Power tools included will be flexible shaft, micro power, power chisel, power grinder and power sanding. Many accessories will be shown including rough cutting burs such as Kutzall, Typhoon and Dura grit. Smoother cutting bits such as diamonds, ruby, carbides, stones, brushes, and sanding options will also be discussed. You will learn the various shapes and uses for these burs. This demonstration will provide the information and knowledge to better understand power carving and make it easier for you to make decisions on what you may need. The class dates will be on Wednesdays Nov. 9,2011 Dec. 7,2011 Feb. 22,2012 & Mar.14,2012




President: Dominick Bello:

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Vice President: Charlene Lowe

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Secretary: Marge Robinson

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Treasurer: Sheila Maxwell

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Web Master: Sheila Maxwell

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Newsletter Editor: To Be Announced
Newsletter Publisher: To Be Announced

If you are willing to help with the newsletter please contact Dom Bello



October already – where did the summer go? Before you know it the temperatures will drop into the eighties and our friends from up North will return. Come on down! We are going to have an awesome season and there is a lot happening. This season’s classes are showing strong early registration. The opportunities to get involved with the Art community are exciting (see articles). We have a great program underway for new members. There have been some excellent suggestions for improving our show and tell and we are continuing to upgrade the library. I would like to give a Special Thanks to Sheila Maxwell for her dedication and contributions to our website improvements. Thanks to her efforts we now have the capability of making changes within minutes without the need to involve an administrator. She has also added our monthly Newsletter to the site. THANK YOU SHEILA.







We continue to make progress on updating and improving our library. Mark Farrell suggested several quality books that should excite any Duck Carver. The purchase was approved and Bob Huelsebusch added the books. Several other books have been added on chip carving and chip carving patterns. Bob has removed many of the outdated books and has replaced quite a few from his own personal collection. Bob is doing a fantastic job as always. We would like to offer him some well deserved help. We need a volunteer to work with Bob as an assistant. If anyone is interested please contact Dom Bello or Bob








John Franz is doing a super job of working with our newest members. John has reconstituted a progressive program for new carvers that was used when he first joined the club. Each new member that has never carved before is given a pre-selected project to start. John then works with each member every week and offers instruction and a scheduled guide line. The progress allows each new carver to have a completed carving before moving on to the next project. The next project is also pre-selected and offers an opportunity to learn additional skills. The next step in the program allows the new member to select a project of their choice. Of course all of our new members are not beginners and will require different levels of help. Once again additional volunteers are needed to help with the continued development of the program. If you are interested in assisting please contact Dom or John. We would also like to announce that we already have four new members. We offer an enthusiastic welcome to: Larry Axtell, Jack Lomono, Patti Lewis and Larry Burningham. We are happy that each of you has chosen to join Caloosa Carvers.


October 1st

New Season Membership Renewal
(reminder – Dues have been increased to $35.00 for individual membership and$55.00 for couples)

October 12th

Tool Sharpening Demonstration

October 19th

Fish Form & Fins Demonstration

October 22nd

Fall for the Art Exhibit and Sale

Fall for the Arts is promoted by the Alliance of the Arts and will be held on their grounds on McGregor
Blvd. We took part in this event last year and our display was well received. This year we will have four booths and they will be tented. If you are interested in displaying your work for show or for sale contact Dom Bello for space arrangements.




Epoxies can have many uses in the creation of a carving. Epoxies can have a wide range of uses from repairs to helping create habitat to attaching the carving to bases. The types of epoxies are just as varied and they all have different attributes. Try using the blue and green ribbon epoxy if you need a little flexibility and work time. It will remain a little rubbery when cured. Great for birds feet and beaks. Another useful product is Quick Wood. It can be purchased locally. The set time is short and it should not be used for large areas that will require wood burning, but perfect for small fast fixes. A great epoxy for larger repairs is Kulis Karvit. It has a long work time, burns, carves and sands nicely. For permanent repairs and attachments I would recommend a good five minute epoxy. They cure to around 1600 psi. Mix the epoxy and test it with a tooth pick before applying. This will eliminate the need to hold everything for five minutes. Questions just ask. Article submitted by Dom Bello – Do you have any Helpful Hints? Why not submit them?





The old oak tree in front of the downtown Fort Myers Court House begins its new life. For over two hundred years the mighty oak tree stood majestically in front of the Fort Myers court house. Unfortunately as this icon aged it was plagued with problems. The once beautiful branches began to show signs of stress and breakage occurred due to shear weight. Sections of the tree began to die and become infested with wood eating insects. The Town Fathers and caring citizens tried for years to find remedies to help the tree. Some of the main limbs were chained and cabled to help support the failing branches. The main trunk was cabled and bolted. Despite the efforts of a caring and nurturing community a decision was reluctantly made that the tree had become too dangerous and would have to be removed. A committee was formed to decide on the best way to memorialize the tree. The final result can be seen in the picture to the left. A talented chain saw carver, Marlin Martin donated his time and created this beautiful stylized sculpture of a Soaring Eagle.


This is not the end of the Tree nor the end of the Story


On August 15th 2011 The County sent out a news release offering the remaining wood to artists and woodcarvers. The art and sculptures created from this historic tree will be honored by being placed on display in the court house next summer


Call to Caloosa Carvers Artists Some of our members went to the site and acquired a fair amount of wood from this great tree. Mike Weber, David Jacob Henry Robinson and Dom Bello have acquired a number of different size pieces. Any members interested in being involved with this historic event should contact one of us. This is a wonderful project that presents an excellent opportunity for our members to demonstrate the importance of our choice of media in the world of Art.


What a fantastic way to display our talents - LETS GET INVOLVED