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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: On behalf of the executive committee I would like to wish all of our friends an enjoyable summer with a safe return to Fort Myers. We look forward to seeing everyone. We are going to have an awesome season at the club. I would like to thank everyone on the committee and all of the members that have worked so hard this summer. We would like to provide an update on the progress that has been made in some of the areas that many of you requested. First and most obvious is this newsletter. The main content has been designed to keep you informed and to provide information regarding classes and events for the new season. Next as part of an ongoing effort to create awareness in the art community, we have joined the Alliance of Arts. We are in the process of scheduling several demonstrations at their fall event, Fall For The Arts in October. There has been a concentrated effort to develop an interest with the youth of our community both thru schools and several Art Leagues The results have been remarkable. One of the schools has fifteen students enrolled to take Wood Carving as an elective Art class for two semesters. We are researching the possibilities of a second club meeting in the evenings to accommodate younger people and working adults. We will be initiating a great program for welcoming new members to the Club. John Franz has volunteered to mentor and lead new carvers to a successful start. Henry Robinson has generously offered to provide the first blank to new members at no cost. Mark Farrell has offered to Video Club Demonstrations and produce CD’s for the library. I am very excited about some of the suggestions that have been made to improve other areas. We will be developing programs to improve and promote our weekly show and tell and our own club show. Comments and suggestion are very welcome. Please offer them in written form. I sincerely thank everyone for your help and look forward to a fantastic season.



DEMONSTRATION: BASIC PAINTING WITH ACRYLICS - PRESENTED BY MIKE AND PATTI WEBER - DEMONSTRATION OVERVIEW: To provide information on materials, techniques and methods for applying acrylic paint to improve and enhance wood carvings. DEMONSTRATION FORMAT: 1) A discussion of materials required, the importance of individual items relative to the application and some references on where to obtain the items discussed.2) How to prepare your carving for painting. sanding, sealing, and pre-painting thought preparation. 3) A discussion and demo on colors, mixing, complimentary colors, consistency and pigments in manufacturing thin bodied acrylics. 4) Actual application 5) drying and finishing process 6) proper storage of paints and brushes including cleaning ( time permitting, member participation practicing brush strokes and technique on paper. START DATE AND TIME: This is a one session demonstration. It will be offered three times during the season. The demonstration will run from 8:30 am to 12:00 noon during regular club meeting. The dates of the demonstration will be October 5,2011, December 14,2011 and February 22, 2012. SKILL LEVEL: None required CLASS LIMIT: Fifteen per session MEMBER COST: There is no cost to members for demonstrations. All materials for this demonstration will be provided by instructors at no charge.

DEMONSTRATION: SUBJECT: FISH FORM AND FINS INSTRUCTOR: DOM BELLO DEMONSTRATION OVERVIEW: provide information with pictures, drawings and demonstration to add realism and movement to fish carvings. This will be a hands on demonstration. DEMONSTRATION FORMAT: 1) Instructor will explain and demonstrate basic fish anatomy and fish movement. 2) Design of movement and form so the carving has a natural life like posture. 3) Provide tips and suggestion on carving the mouth, gills. gill plate, lips, nose and the lateral line for a realistic look. 4) Provide a visual demonstration of fin and tail carving techniques 5) Instructor will have a question and answer period 6) Members will be given a fin cut out to practice applying detail. If time allows this will be done during demonstration. MATERIALS AND EQUIPMENT: The techniques and methods will be demonstrated using power tools and wood burner. The principals involved can be applied using hand tools. Member should provide tools and wood burner in the event time allows practice. The blank fins will be provided by instructor. START DATES AND TIME: This is a one session demonstration. It will be offered three times during the season. The demonstration will start at 8:30 am to 12:00 noon at Wednesday club meeting. Demonstration dates will be: October 19,2011 - December 14,2011 & March 21,2012 REQUIRED SKILL LEVEL: novice and above CLASS LIMIT : open - no limit COST: There is no cost to members for demonstrations All materials for this demonstration will be provided by the instructor at no cost

DEMONSTRATION: SUBJECT: TOOL SHARPENING INSTRUCTOR: LYNN SHEELEY DEMONSTRATION OVERVIEW: Information and demonstration on club’s sharpener and leather strop with compound. DEMONSTRATION FORMAT: 1) Instructor will discuss common mistakes made when sharpening carving tools. 2) How to identify tools that have been sharpened improperly 3) How to correct an improperly sharpened tool 4) Instructor will demonstrate sharpening using a leather strop with compounds. 5) Instructor will give suggestion on the proper care and storage of well sharpened tools. 6) Instructor will give actual demonstration on the proper use and safe operation of sharpening machine. 7) Question and answer period will be provided. START DATES AND TIME : This is a one session demonstration. It will be offered three times during the season. The CLASS will start at 9:00 am to completion ( 1 to 1 1/2 hours ) at Wednesday meeting. The dates demonstration will be given - October 12 ,2011 - December 14, 2011 and March 7, 2012 SKILL LEVEL: None Required CLASS LIMIT: Fifteen MEMBER COST: There is no cost to members for demonstrations. No materials are required.

RELIEF CARVING COURSE: TITLE: RELIEF ARTISTRY IN WOOD - INSTRUCTORS: MARCUS FARRELL, WILLIAM BRYAN, KEN ENDERSBEE, LYNN SHEELEY COURSE DESCRIPTION: to present to the student an avenue by which they are introduced to the principals of relief carving in wood and to assist experienced relief carvers in their quest to increase their skills. Included in this approach will be basic instruction in using hand tools and power assisted tools, and concepts of horizon, vanishing point(s), one, two and three point perspective, tree and shrub design, and numerous other concepts. COURSE MATERIALS: Students will decide what topic they are interested in carving if they have not purchased wood for their carving, wood vendors belonging to the Caloosa Carving Club will assist them in their selection. Students will provide their carving tools and instructors will assist them in their selection, if desired. STUDENT OUTCOME: Depending on back round, this course should help the student advance their relief carving knowledge and skills. The new relief carver should acquire basic skills from this course. START DATE AND DURATION: The course will begin on November 2, 2011 and students may join the course from that date until December 28, 2011. the course will formally end on February 22,2012. If there are students continuing with their project, the instruction will be on a one- on- one tutorial basis. COURSE TIME AND LOCATION: The course will be offered on Wednesday from 8:30 am until noon at the Caloosa Club meeting hall. CLASS SIZE: No Limit COURSE FEE PER PERSON: The fee will be ten dollars ($10) per person. 100 percent wil go to the Club Treasury.

BIRD CARVING CLASS - SPOTTED SAND PIPER: SUBJECT: SPOTTED SANDPIPER WITH HABITAT INSTRUCTORS: BOB HUELSEBUSCH, DOM BELLO & JAY GILLIFORD COURSE OVERVIEW: This will be a comprehensive course with an emphasis on bird study as well as carving. Members will learn basic bird anatomy, feather grouping, and adjustment of posture with changes in movement of subject. The student will gain knowledge of natural attitude of head neck and wing positions. Members will be provided with in depth instruction of carving techniques and advanced methods. This will involve special attention to feathers, including feather grouping, quill placement, feather spilts, worn feather edging, raised feathers and feather burning. Planning feather carving to anticipate painting will also be discussed COURSE MATERIALS: All project materials will be supplied by instructors. This will include bird blank, eyes the base and sand per study piece. Students may supply additional materials if they wish to make changes in habitat. This class is designed for power carvers. Required tools will be rotary carver, carving bits, mask and dust collector to be supplied by student. OUTCOME: Student will gain a working knowledge of modern bird carving and wood burning techniques for birds. These skills can be applied to all future carvings. They will also gain an understanding of the importance of habitat design to add realism to the finished art. Student will be expected to have a completed carving at the end of the course. Depending on skill level this may require some additional work between sessions in order to keep up with class instruction. This will be important to gain the full benefit of all phases of the carving and finishing process. SKILL LEVEL : This class not recommended for beginners. Member should have good working knowledge of carving tools and some experience with feather burning. previous bird carving experience helpful. CLASS SHEDULE: This will be a ten session course beginning on January 4, 2012 and ending on March 16,2012 CLASS-SIZE: Class will be limited to fifteen. COURSE FEE The fee will be Thirty Five dollars per person ( $35.00 ) The fee will cover the cost of all materials with any balance going to the Club Treasury.

CLASS - CARVING A FOUR PART ROSE: SUBJECT: FOUR PART WOODEN ROSE WITH LEAVES INSTRUCTOR: AL DAY COURSE OVERVIEW: This class is designed for power carvers and will provide the members with an interesting project for learning unique methods of design and control. Completed project will be painted the color of choice. The rose is a unique project that incorporates skills used for carving in the round and relief carving. COURSE MATERIALS - The blanks for the rose and the leaves will be provided by the instructor at a cost of $ 10.00 per member. brushes and paints will be provided by the member. All carvers using power tools must provide and use a dust collector. REQUIRED SKILL LEVEL : Intermediate or above. Not recommended for beginners. Should be familiar with types of bits to use for desired results and have completed at least three projects using power tools. CLASS LIMIT: Due to available blanks the class will be limited to ten members. START DATE: This course will begin on December 21, 2011 COMPLETION DATE: The project should take seven weeks to complete. The last class will be on February 1, 2012. LOCATION AND TIME: The class will start at 8:30 am to 12 noon on Wednesdays at the regular club meeting. COURSE FEE: There will be a fee of Ten dollars ( $ 10.00 ) per person in addition to the ten dollar cost of materials. The total fee portion will go to the Club Treasury. Total Cost: Twenty dollars ( $ 20.00 )

WOOD BURNING CLASS: COURSE INSTRUCTOR: BEVERLEY HENRICHON Beverley is an accomplished wood burning artist with over ten years of experience. She has studied with prominent artist such as Cheryl Dow, Linda Sales, and Orchid Davis COURSE OVERVIEW: This course will teach basic concepts and some advanced technique that will afford the student an opportunity to explore a variety of patterns and designs from simple burnings to more complex art forms. Students will learn how to create a unique form of art that can be adapted to a wide range of mediums in addition to wood. This course will benefit and broaden the experience of any finished carving including flatwork, relief carving, plate burning or carving in the round. COURSE MATERIALS: Suggested supplies from student - a wood burner, burning tips, graphite paper, red ball point pen, fine sandpaper and scotch tape. Member may bring any item they would like to burn on. The instructor will have some wood burners for use if needed. the instructor will bring some items and wood, books, patterns and samples of work for inspiration and ideas. OUTCOME: Members can expect to learn to identify and coordinate the various tips to use for the desired results. methods of straight line burning, outlining, shading and other concepts will be demonstrated. The knowledge gained from this study can be used on a variety of materials such as wood, cloth, brown paper. plastics, leather and Taqua nuts. CLASS SCHEDULE: This class will be given in two sessions. The start date will be February 1, 2012 and will end on February 8, 2012 CLASS LIMIT : Class size will be limited to twelve members. COURSE FEE PER PERSON: The fee will be fifteen dollars for the class.

CLASS - NATURAL WOOD STAINING AND FINISHING: SUBJECT: NATURAL FINISHES FOR STYILIZED CARVINGS INSTRUCTOR: JIM HAUSLER COURSE OVERVIEW: THIS IS A TWO SESSION COURSE: DAY ONE: DISCUSSION AND DEMONSTRATION - provide members with an understanding of methods of final preparation of wood, types of finishes, materials required and how to anticipate desired results. The course will offer an in depth look at different types of preparation including sanding, types of sanding tools and grades of sanding materials. The members will be introduced to a variety of finishing products and methods of application and instruction on how to achieve various finishes such as satin, semi- gloss and high gloss. DAY TWO: Instructor will encourage hands on use of principals discussed and illustrated during first session. Students may bring a specific project of their own or use a practice piece. Instructor will supply practice wood. Student should provide other materials. COURSE MATERIALS: Notebook and pen for notes. Tools and materials as required to apply principals and desired finish demonstrated in session one. START DATE: This course will offered twice during the season. The first course will be on November 2 and November 9, 2011 The second course will be on February15, and February 22, 2012 COURSE LOCATION AND TIME: The course will be offered on Wednesdays from 8:30 to 11:30 during regular club meeting. CLASS SIZE : NO LIMIT COURSE FEE: Five dollars per person – 1oo percent will go to Club Treasury.

CLASS - PAINTING WITH ACRYLICS: SUBJECT: ACRYLIC PAINTING INSTRUCTOR: SUZANNE MIKULKA, certified decorative artist - national society of decorative painters, full time teacher, designer and artist ( including wildlife ) Suzanne has worked with some of our members in the past and comes highly recommended. COURSE OVER VIEW : Suzanne will present this course in three sessions. The instruction will focus on basic information and will provide the student with a working knowledge of brushes , paints and mediums. The course will allow each student to enjoy a hands on approach to practicing and experimenting with the effects being demonstrated. The student will be introduced to the color wheel, mixing, blending, various brush stroke effects and hands on application of techniques for the creation of some interesting effects. COURSE MATERIALS: Student should provide water basin, paper towels, palette for mixing and holding paint ( can be paper plate ) stylus, pen and paper. brushes, (suggested but not necessary) Loew Cornell liner 2/0, flat#4, round #3, angle ½ “ rake ¼ inch, fan # 0 ( and any others that you own. Instructor will provide: folder with information on class development, procedures, photos , patterns instructions and canvass. OUTCOME: The student taking this class will enjoy the advantage of understanding and learning proper preparation and application methods to enhance any carving. This can be applied to include decorative in the round, relief carvings and painted wood burnings. CLASS SCHEDULE: The class will be in three sessions on these dates: November 23, & November 30, 2011 and will end on December 7, 2012. the class will be at the regular meeting for Caloosa carvers on Wednesdays. CLASS SIZE: Minimum four ( 4 ) – Maximum ten (10 ) COURSE FEE PER PERSON: The fee will be Fifty- Five dollars ($55.00 ) per person. Ten dollars from the fee will go to the Club Treasury.

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Important information regarding classes: We tried to present as many classes as possible based on interests indicated by members. There will be other areas of interest that will be available thru classes being offered before and after the Harbor Side event in January. These will be Caricature carving, Air brush painting, Animal Carving, and a class on making your own Knives. Please note: We have a great line up of classes. No other classes will be offered this season. Many of the classes have limited student requirements. We recommend early registration. Attached you will find a registration form for your convenience. Please send payment with registration ( refunds will be made up until two weeks prior to start of class.) Send registration forms and payment to Caloosa Carvers, C/O Dominick Bello 15488 Spring Line Lane, Fort Myers, Fl. 33905. Make Checks Payable To: CALOOSA CARVERS