Constitution and By-Laws


ARTICLE I: Name, Mission Statement, Purpose

        SECTION 1: The name of the not for profit organization shall be Caloosa Carvers Club, hereafter referred to as the “Club”.

        SECTION 2: Mission Statement – “To advance the art of woodcarving for the pleasure of all members by holding and conducting voluntary seminars and classes at all levels of expertise from within the club. Conduct classes for novice carvers and for advancement in carving, painting, wood burning, and fine finishing.
Strive to create lectures from our Club experts in tool use and sharpening. Provide this and more in hope that each member will have the opportunity to submit at least two entries in the competition of his/her choice in the SW Florida Woodcarving Exposition.”

        SECTION 3: Purpose
             A. To promote an interest and appreciation of wood carving in all of its aspects.
             B. To provide an excellent meeting location.
             C. To provide an extensive library of books, videos, and CDs.
             D. To provide access to a weekly supplies vendor.
             E. To provide access to a professional sharpening machine.
             F. To develop and maintain a professional Web Site and to provide a periodic News Letter.


        SECTION 1: A. A FULL MEMBER is one whose annual dues are paid and is entitled to all rights and privileges of the Club.

        SECTION 2 B. AN HONORARY LIFE MEMBERSHIP is awarded to a member by the Executive Committee and is entitled to
                     all rights and privileges of the Club.


                A.  Shall consist of elected officers and directors as established in the By-Laws of the Club.
                B.  Shall be collectively responsible for the effective operation of the Club.
                C.  Shall have the responsibility to appoint ad hoc committees as required, from within the executive committee or from the
                      membership at large.

                A.  General Meetings shall be scheduled regularly for the last Wednesday during the months of October through
                      May and other months as deemed necessary.
                B.  Executive Meetings shall be held a minimum of three (3) times each year.

                A.  Quorum – the presence of at least thirty (30) members is required to form a quorum at all general meetings. A
                       minimum of 50% of the elected officers is required at all Executive Meetings. (See Article III, Section 4)
                B.  A SIMPLE MAJORITY will carry a vote at all General and Executive Meetings, except for matters dealing with
                       the Constitution and By-Laws or the election of an Honorary Member.
                C.  THE PRESIDENT or presiding officer of any meeting shall have no vote, except in the event of a tie.
                D.  AMENDMENTS TO THE CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS – Proposed amendments may be adopted by a two-
                      thirds (2/3) majority of those present. The quorum of 30 members stands. (Section 3, Article A).

                A.  Any amendment to the Constitution or the By-Laws may be proposed by any member of the Club.
                B.  All proposed amendments must be typewritten and presented to the Secretary of the Executive Committee.
                E.  All proposed amendments must be announced at a General Meeting and posted on the Internet Web Site or via
                      Newsletter for two months (60 days) prior to a vote being taken on the amendment.
                F.  Proposed amendments will be voted upon at a General Meeting by the membership in accordance with Article III,
                      Section 3, Sub-Section D.

                A.  FUNDS:
                        1.  PRINCIPAL SOURCE of funding for the Club shall be annual membership dues.
                        2.  The Executive Committee shall have the power to investigate and apply for available GRANTS.
                        3.  Funds may be raised by a weekly fifty/fifty (50/50) drawing, donations, sales, club show, etc. with the approval of the Executive Committee.
                        4.  The funds of the Association will be maintained in a BANK ACCOUNT in the name of the Club. The Treasurer and two other Officers,      appointed by the Executive Committee, shall have signing authority.
                B.  AUDIT:
                        1.  A financial audit shall be made annually by two persons chosen from the membership.
                        2.  The Audit Report shall be made to the Executive Committee at the January Executive Committee Meeting and then to the membership at the February General Meeting(Refer to By-Law V, B, 1-3).
                C.  ACCOUNTABILITY:
                        1.  Costs relating to any project, seminar, guest speaker/instructor, or social event must have the approval of the Executive Committee.

                A.  Nominating Committee will be appointed by the President.
                B.  NOMINATIONS for offices due for election will be accepted at the December Meeting each election year.
                C.  Elections will be conducted at a January Meeting each year for vacant positions.
                D.  NEWLY ELECTED OFFICERS will take office at the January Meeting, following the election.



        A.  FULL MEMBER is entitled to
                           1.  Vote
                           2.  Hold office
                           3.  Participate in all activities of the Club.

        B.  AN HONORARY LIFE MEMBER is entitled to
                            1.  Vote
                            2.  Hold office
                            3.  Participate in all activities of the Club
                            4.  No longer pay dues to the Club


        A.  OFFICERS to be elected by the membership
                            1.  President
                            2.  Vice President
                            3.  Secretary
                            4.  Treasurer
                            5.  Web Master
                            6.  Directors, four (4)


                            1.  PRESIDENT:
                                    a.  Shall chair all general and executive meetings.
                                    b.  Shall be an ex-officio member of all ad hoc committees.
                                    c.  Shall have the responsibility of the general efficient operation of the Club.

                            2.  VICE PRESIDENT:
                                    a. Shall stand in to chair any general or executive meetings in the absence of the President.
                                    b. Shall assist the President in his duties related to the general operation of the Club.
                                    c. Must be aware of classes/seminars taking place and determine the need for other
                                        classes/events as the membership expresses.
                                    d.  In the event that the Vice President cannot chair the meeting, the President will desig-
                                        nate a replacement from the Executive Committee.
                                    e. The Vice President will be in line to fulfill the office of President at the annual election.

                            3. SECRETARY:
                                    a.  Shall record and prepare minutes of all
                                    b.  General and Executive Committee meetings and verbally present said minutes at the next
                                         Executive Committee meeting.
                                    c.  Will read a copy of the minutes to the membership at the General Meeting.
                                    d.  Shall handle such correspondence as necessary.
                                    e.  Shall keep a bound written record of meeting minutes and a record of correspondence,
                                          newsletters and any other items which might be of historical value to the Club.

                            4. TREASURER:
                                    a.  Shall receive membership dues from members, giving membership badges
                                         in return.
                                    b.  Shall keep accurate and up to date records of membership information and will prepare
                                         a MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY each March.
                                    c.  Shall be responsible for final receipt, deposit and disbursement of all monies of the Club.
                                    d. Shall make a Treasurer’s Report to each General and Executive Committee Meeting
                                        of the Club, providing details as requested.
                                    e. Shall balance the Club’s Books with the bank statement monthly.
                                    f. Shall close the Club’s Books for the year-end promptly in January, turning all
                                        financial records over to the Auditors.
                                    g. Shall make a formal annual Treasurer’s Report in writing to the Secretary at each
                                        year end for insertion in the minutes of the January General Meeting, said report to be
                                        read to the members at that meeting.


                                    a.  Works with others to develop the style of the the Web Site as directed by the President or
                                          his/her designee. A hard copy of the most recent update of the Web Site will be on file
                                          in the Club Library. The Club Librarian will direct the storage of Club Meeting minutes,
                                          the collection of books, CD’s, DVD’s and other information helpful to the membership.
                                          Shall organize and make decisions as to the content of the Web Site.

        6. DIRECTORS:
                                    a.  Shall be comprised of Past Presidents of the Club and of any other member so
                                         nominated .The total number of directors shall not exceed four (4).
                                    b.  Shall generally assist with their expertise in the decision making of the Executive
                                    c.  Shall offer to chair and/or serve on various Committees required for the efficient
                                         operation of the Club.

                                    a.  All Executive Committee members should endeavour to attend as many General and
                                         Executive meetings as possible in order to keep abreast of happenings and to be an
                                         active part of the controlling body of the Club.

                                    a. Shall lend his/her experience to the President and the Executive Committee for a period of
                                        one (1) year to ensure a smooth transition from the past Executive Committee to the
                                        new Executive Committee.

                                    a.  In the event an officer or member of the Executive Committee does not fulfill his/her
                                         responsibilities, that member may be removed by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.


        A. GENERAL MEETINGS will normally be held the last Wednesday of the months October through May. Other General
             Meetings may be called by the President as needed.

        B. EXECUTIVE MEETINGS will be called at the discretion of the President, at least three (3) times a year.


        A.  THE METHOD OF VOTING, i.e., show of hands, verbal assent, or ballot, shall be at the discretion of the President.


        A.  FISCAL YEAR
                    1. The Club’s Fiscal Year shall be from the last Wednesday of January to the next to last Wednesday
                        of January of the following Calendar year.

        B. AUDIT
                    1.  The Club’s Financial Records shall be audited each year during the one week period after the books
                         are closed in January and before the January meeting.
                    2.  At the January General Meeting the Auditors shall make their report in writing to the Secretary and
                         verbally to the membership.
                    3.  The Auditors shall turn over financial records to the incoming Treasurer by the January General Meeting.

        C. DUES
                    1.  Annual membership dues are assessed at
                                    a.  Twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per person
                                    b.  Thirty-five dollars ($35.00) per family
                    2.  All memberships come up for renewal on October 1st of each year, and must be paid in full no later
                         than the second Wednesday of January. Those members with dues still outstanding at that time will
                        be stricken from the membership list. An individual so removed does will not enjoy the privileges of member-
                        ship (By-Laws 1,A).
                    3.  A person will regain status as a member in good standing upon payment of dues and will be added to
                         the membership list.

                    1.  The committee or person arranging and supervising any project, seminar, guest speaker/instructor or social
                         event that has been approved by the Executive Committee (or the President during the Summer
                         months) shall make every effort to project costs as accurately as possible and set fees or prices accordingly.
                    2.  In the event of a short fall in revenue for such a function due to unexpected expenses or reasons unfor-
                        seen, this amount will be the responsibility of the Club, and not of the committee or person overseeing the project.

        A.  TERM OF OFFICE:
                    1.  The term of all offices shall be two (2) years.
                    2.  Two of the four Directors will be elected each year for two year terms.

           B.  VACANT OFFICES:
                    1.  In the event of any office becoming vacant before the end of term, nominations may be held at the next
                         General Meeting; with election to fill that office for the remainder of the term being held at the same or
                         following General Meeting. If the vacancy should occur during the Summer, the Executive Committee
                        may appoint a replacement for the remainder of the term.
                    2.  It shall be the responsibility of the Executive Committee to ensure that the duties of the vacant office
                         are upheld until the position is filled.